“And they continued steadfastly in the apostles’ doctrine and fellowship, and in breaking of bread and in prayers” (Acts.2:42).


This is the communion of saints. A lot of major problems arise because people don’t come together. But there is a principle of communion of the saints that must be observed. People don’t realize that this communion is God ordained. Some important aspects of the communion of saints are:

It brings an impartation: If I have reached this level of spirituality, it is because of the communion of the saints. There is always an impartation when saints gather together.

It unites the Head and the Body: The head is the main part but the body is complete only when all the other parts also are together. Then there is a flow of energy, power and revelation.

It builds our spirit: The spiritual aspect of it takes preparation of hearts, preparation of lives, the kind of union we have in Him and walking in the light together.

It increases our faith: Do you know that the impartation upon Elisha was so strong that he did double the number of miracles of Elijah? He walked powerfully in the spirit that he received from Elijah.

It increases the dominion of our spirit: Your spirit can grow so powerful that it exercises dominion over a large extent – geographically and chronologically over the generations.

It brings power and unity of spirits: Something is imparted every time we unite. In the earthly sense, the communion of the saints is very powerful. Like between twins. I know the feelings of my twin brother. I know his likes and dislikes as he knows mine. How? – We are twins.

It should have boundaries: It is important that we know when to close our spirits and when to open our spirits.

I pray that you don’t miss the gathering together for word or for breaking of bread. Then see how miraculously you will be exalted and raised in your life. Praise God!!!