“Wilt thou also disannul my judgment? Wilt thou condemn me, that thou mayest be righteous?” (Job 40:8).

Today we are going to examine the problem of pain and the dilemma of keeping the faith in the midst of such suffering. Unknown to Job, God selected him to play a key role in history. Job was a godly man (Job 1:1).

If a person loves God, even if he fails, he will come back to God even after the fall. God didn’t tell Job His reasons because God trusted Job to prove even to the devil than an imperfect human can keep his integrity by remaining faithful under tests, temptations or tribulations. What was Job’s response? Did he curse God as Satan insisted he would? No, in fact we are told that Job fell to the ground in worship even when he must have been shaken and shattered. Do we view worship and religious devotion as a coin to purchase God’s blessing?

The reason for your suffering may not be revealed in this life – Job never knew what was going on behind the scenes! We too must learn to live with the mystery of suffering. God wanted to bring Job to a level, where though everything goes against him and he is left alone, he would trust and love God. Do we love God more than ourselves? Do we love God more than our possessions? Do we believe God has his reasons even though we may not know the exact reason for our trials? It is easy to believe in God when the blessings flow, but what happens when it stops or what we have is taken away? Does our faith/belief change with the circumstances?

If you fear and obey God but are still in darkness, do one thing – trust His time, trust His decision and trust His ways. Let Him do what He wants because He knows what to do. He may not give you what you want all the time, but He will definitely give you what you need. Don’t try to find out the ‘whys’. Just flow with God and let him be the Sovereign God of your life. Praise God!!!